Dive into the world of digital currencies? Sure, but you will need a reliable guide. And that’s where this post comes in handy. We will take you through the labyrinth of the best cryptocurrency app trackers in the market today, breaking them down, and finally, giving you a verdict on which one stands out.

Overview of Top-Rated Cryptocurrency App Trackers

We are in an era where checking your crypto portfolio should be as easy as checking your email. But with so many apps out there, how do you find the best cryptocurrency app tracker? Let’s break it down:

CoinCap: This is a renowned app tracker that is loved for its real-time market data. You can create a portfolio and also set up price alerts.

Blockfolio: Touted as the world’s most popular crypto portfolio tracker, Blockfolio gives you the ability to track over 10,000 cryptocurrencies.

Delta: Delta is a fantastic tracker that not only tracks cryptocurrencies but also other assets like stocks and commodities.

Crypto Pro: This one’s for all the Apple users out there! Crypto Pro tracks multiple cryptocurrencies and offers a unique feature — it’s ad-free!

Did you know that these trackers differ in their features and usability? Oh yes, they do! But don’t worry, we’ll get into that in the next section.

CoinGecko: Last but not least, CoinGecko offers a comprehensive view of the crypto market with its own unique features like ‘Trust Score’.

These are some of the best cryptocurrency app trackers that are making waves in the market today. But, don’t just take our word for it. Let’s dissect them one by one, see what they bring to the table, and maybe, just maybe, find out which one is the prince charming in the world of cryptocurrency app trackers. Don’t go anywhere!

Detailed Review of Each App Tracker

Wondering what makes each of these the best cryptocurrency app tracker? Let’s get into the nuts and bolts:


Got a minute? That’s all you need to get hooked on CoinCap. Here’s why:

  • Real-time market data: CoinCap updates its data in real-time. This means you get to see the latest market trends as they happen.
  • Portfolio Creation: Creating a portfolio with CoinCap is as easy as ABC. The app allows you to track your preferred cryptocurrencies in one place.
  • Price Alerts: With CoinCap, you stay in the know. You can set up price alerts to be notified when a crypto reaches a certain price.


Blockfolio, the self-proclaimed world’s most popular crypto tracker, certainly lives up to the hype. Here’s what it offers:

  • Vast Crypto Coverage: With over 10,000 cryptocurrencies to track, you won’t miss out on any.
  • News Updates: Blockfolio keeps you informed with the latest news from the crypto world.
  • Free to Use: The best part? Blockfolio is completely free to use!


Delta is not your ordinary crypto tracker. Here’s what sets it apart:

  • Multi-Asset Tracking: Apart from cryptocurrencies, Delta lets you track other assets like stocks and commodities.
  • Sync Across Devices: Delta ensures you can access your portfolio from any device, anytime.
  • Transparency: Delta is clear about its data sources, giving you confidence in the information provided.

Crypto Pro

Calling all Apple users! Crypto Pro is designed just for you:

  • Ad-Free: Enjoy an uninterrupted experience with the ad-free Crypto Pro.
  • Multiple Cryptocurrencies: Track as many cryptocurrencies as you want. The sky’s the limit with Crypto Pro.
  • Privacy-Focused: Crypto Pro doesn’t track user activity. Your information stays with you.


Last on our list but certainly not least, CoinGecko brings a unique twist to crypto tracking:

  • Comprehensive View: CoinGecko offers a 360-degree view of the crypto market.
  • Trust Score: The unique ‘Trust Score’ feature helps you make informed decisions.
  • Free API: Developers, rejoice! CoinGecko offers a free API.

Now that we’ve had a good look at what each of these trackers offers, how about we compare their features and usability? Ready for it? Let’s go!

Comparison of Features and Usability

Let’s dive into the interesting part. How do our top picks measure up against each other in terms of features and usability?

CoinCap Vs. The World

CoinCap stands tall with its real-time data updates – a feature that keeps you on top of your game. However, its portfolio creation and price alert features are also found in Blockfolio and Delta. Usability-wise, it’s a breeze to navigate, but Delta edges it out with a more intuitive design.

Blockfolio: A Tough Contender

Blockfolio’s extensive crypto coverage is hard to beat. Yet, when it comes to news updates, CoinCap and CoinGecko give it a run for its money. As for usability, Blockfolio is smooth sailing. But compared to the ad-free experience in Crypto Pro, it falls short.

Delta: The Jack of All Trades

Delta’s multi-asset tracking sets it apart. Yet, CoinCap and Blockfolio offer a more focused crypto tracking experience. Delta’s cross-device sync is a dream come true, but its usability is a notch below that of Blockfolio.

Crypto Pro: The Apple of the Eye

Crypto Pro is a haven for Apple users with its ad-free interface and focus on privacy. However, CoinCap and Delta also offer ad-free options. While it offers unlimited crypto tracking, CoinGecko and Blockfolio offer a more interactive experience. Usability is top-notch, but the app is limited to Apple devices.

CoinGecko: The Dark Horse

With a comprehensive view and a unique Trust Score feature, CoinGecko is a formidable choice. Yet, the real-time updates from CoinCap and the multi-asset tracking from Delta give them a slight edge. CoinGecko’s usability is on par with Blockfolio and Delta, but its free API is a cherry on top for developers.

There you have it—a full comparison of the best cryptocurrency app trackers out there. But how secure are these apps? Let’s find out in the next section.

Analysis of Security Measures

Security is of the utmost importance when dealing with cryptocurrencies. So, let’s check out how these app trackers ensure your data stays private and secure.

CoinCap: Fort Knox of Crypto

CoinCap is a fortress when it comes to security measures. It employs two-factor authentication (2FA) and local data storage to ensure your data is well-protected. Yet, is it as secure as Crypto Pro with its biometric ID authentication?

Blockfolio: Security with a Twist

Blockfolio takes a different route, employing a unique PIN lock feature. It also utilizes server-side security and local data storage to keep your data safe. But, does it match Delta’s multi-layered encryption?

Delta: The Security Vanguard

Delta takes security seriously with its advanced multi-layered encryption. Also, it doesn’t store your API keys on its servers, which is a bonus. The question is, can it compete with CoinGecko’s cloud-based secure servers?

Crypto Pro: Privacy Pioneer

Crypto Pro shines with its privacy-centric approach. Your data doesn’t leave your device, and it even offers optional biometric ID authentication. But, does it have the same comprehensive view of security as CoinCap?

CoinGecko: The Cloud Guardian

CoinGecko takes a unique approach with its cloud-based secure servers. Also, it doesn’t store your API keys, much like Delta. How does it compare with Blockfolio’s PIN lock feature, though?

That’s a wrap on the security measures of the best cryptocurrency app trackers. But which one is the overall winner? Let’s find out in our final verdict.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

After an extensive look into these top-rated trackers, it’s time to make some tough decisions. So, which is the best cryptocurrency app tracker? Is it the heavily fortified CoinCap, or the privacy pioneer Crypto Pro? Could the security vanguard Delta take the crown, or does Blockfolio with its unique twist win the day? Maybe, it’s the cloud guardian CoinGecko?

The Crowned Champ: Delta

Taking everything into account, Delta comes out on top. With its multilayered encryption and no-server API key storage, it’s a vanguard in security. Its user-friendly interface and extensive features also make it a standout choice.

Honorable Mention: CoinCap

CoinCap deserves a special mention, being the Fort Knox of crypto. Its robust 2FA and local data storage make it a great choice for those who prioritize security above all else.

Best for Privacy: Crypto Pro

If privacy is your main concern, Crypto Pro is your go-to app. Its data privacy measures are unparalleled, making it the top choice for the privacy-conscious.

Unique Security: Blockfolio

Blockfolio, with its unique PIN lock feature and server-side security, makes it a solid option for those who like a different approach to security.

Cloud-Based Security: CoinGecko

Lastly, for those who prefer a cloud-based approach, CoinGecko is a perfect pick. Its secure servers and non-storage of API keys make it a safe, reliable choice.

Each of these app trackers has unique strengths, making them the best cryptocurrency app trackers in their own right. So, which one suits you best? Ultimately, your specific needs and preferences will determine your top choice. Happy crypto tracking!


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